Martin Luther, a Master of Media?

Few figures in history are attributed as many profiles as Martin Luther: Reformer, family man, preacher, revolutionary, heretic, madman, prophet, renegade, or even “demon in the appearance of a man.” In this insightful study, Pettegree investigates a neglected aspect of the great reformer: Luther, the master of media.

According to the Scriptures (in Their Entirety)

Farkasfalvy’s goal in this chapter is to expound the relationship between Christianity and the Jewish Scriptures. The formula given is a paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:3-4: “All that has been written has been written for us.” By “All that has been written,” Farkasfalvy means Paul means the entirety of the Jewish Scriptures; by “written for us,” he means the Christian Church.

What Is Tradition?

Αmong the strands in the process of history, which are many, and not all are known, and none are known thoroughly, tradition stands apart from the others. It differs in a single fundamental respect: It preserves something pre-existing through the passage of time and in spite of it. On one hand, tradition's constancy through time is … Continue reading What Is Tradition?

What Is Myth?

What is myth? In our modern vernacular, we use the word interchangeably with “fantasy,” “superstition,” or even “lie.” We enjoy reading Greek myths, which many curricula require. However, in our modern classrooms, we experience these stories very differently from the way Greeks did. For them, the myth was, if not fact, a vessel for communicating … Continue reading What Is Myth?