The Monastery of The Holy Spirit – Men’s Retreat

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Our congregation organized a captivating two-night men’s retreat to a Benedictine Roman Catholic monastery. As an Anglican, I was initially hesitant about participating in such an event that delved into the lives of Roman Catholic Monks, but my curiosity was piqued. The Monastery Of The Holy Spirit, where the retreat was held, boasts of a long and intriguing history. Its doors are open to all, regardless of their religious affiliation, as part of their mission to unite the Christian community. While we did not engage in any direct discussions with the monks, we were able to discover a wealth of information about their lifestyle and history through their on-site museum. The experience was both enlightening and educational, providing us with valuable insights into the monastic way of life and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and granting me a new respect for simplicity.

The Monastery is, I…

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